Current Title Holder:

Nikk Cochran Selik, 2022 (Cub)

Jared Fox, 2020 (Cub)

Alex Spearman, 2019 (Bear)

Alex Spearman, Mr. Boston Bear 2019, did an excellent job engaging the community and assisting those in need. He participated in furthering community causes and raising money for Boston GLASS, Cradles to Crayons, Men of Melanin Magic ,and others.

Alex received an amazing out-of-state professional opportunity, and although he left Boston mid-year 2019, he remains in touch with his friends and the Bear Community here in Boston.

Arthur Otolo, 2018 (Cub)

As Mr. Boston Cub 2018, Arthur was a role model in the Bear Community. He has previously served on the board of Mass Bears and Cubs. During his title year, he volunteered, raised funds, and represented the group at social events.

He was instrumental in producing a fund raising event benefiting Samaritans, Inc., in honor of our friend, Clifton Mueller, in addition to volunteering his time at My Brother’s Table and The Boston Living Center.

Arthur continues to be involved in making the Bear Community and the greater LGBTQ+ Community a better and safer place for all of us.

Jay Saulnier, 2019 (Cub)

Mr. Boston Cub 2019, Jay Saulnier, served as MBC’s representative to the Bear Community for the second half of 2019 and assisted in producing the annual Holiday Toy Drive which benefited Solutions At Work.

Jay started serving on the Governing Board of the MBC Association in November, 2018, and is now a member of the MBC Corporate Board, continuing his service to the Bear Community.

Originally, the competition was for the title of Mr. Boston Bear. However, in 2016, a new component was added, Mr. Boston Cub, and the competition consisted of two groups, one competing for the Bear title, and the other group competing for the Cub title.

The competition was traditionally held in the late summer/early fall, with the winner holding that year’s title. However, in 2017, while the competition continued to be held in the fall, the winner was granted the title for the following year, and this system remains in place to date. As a result, there was no Mr. Boston Bear 2017 title holder.

In addition, the format was changed so that Bear and Cub competitors were not segregated into two separate groups. There was one group of contestants, and the winner was granted the Bear or Cub title, depending on how they identified themselves.

For 2019, there were two title holders, Mr. Boston Bear and Mr. Boston Cub, with Alex representing the community during the first half of the year before he relocated to the Washington, DC, area, and Jay representing the community for the second half of the year.

Stephen was The first Mr. Boston Bear, selected in 2011. As part of his role as titleholder, Stephen spearheaded his signature event and helped raise cash and collect toys for children born with HIV/AIDS during the holiday

season. Stephen also assisted in organizing the presence of the Boston Bear Community in Boston Pride 2012 festivities for the first time in over a decade, marching in the Boston Pride Parade. He remains active in the community and has served as an em-cee and as a judge of the Mr. Boston Bear/Cub competitions over the years.