Peter Kim, Lex Brown, Shawn Mims, Louis Lobato, Jay Saulnier, Jonathan Chu


Shawn Mims, President

Shawn has been an active member of the Community since 2005. The earlier part of his professional career was spent working in the HIV/AIDS field, starting at the Boston Public Health Commission, and later at the AIDS Action Committee. He initially joined the Board of MBC in December of 2016, and was
elected President in January of 2017, leading the group to its incorporation as a non-profit and recognition as a 501(c)3 in November, 2019. Shawn is one of the founding incorporators of Mass Bears and Cubs, Inc. With the assistance of the Officers and Governing Board, he continues to guide the organization in fulfilling its mission of promoting an inclusive LGBT+ community and providing support to other community
non-profit organizations.

Louis Lobato, Vice President

Louis’ experience with the Boston Bear Community began back in 2014, when he competed in the Mr. Boston Bear Contest.   After relocating several times due to his career in the biotech industry, he made Boston his home in 2015.

Previously, he was on the Board of Mass Bearz, one of our predecessor groups, and has been on the Board of Mass Bears and Cubs since 2016.  He also is one of our incorporating founders.

He has been active with our group activities, marching in the Boston Pride Parade, participating in our volunteer events at My Brother’s Table, the Boston Living Center, Toys 4 Joy, and also representing MBC at social events.  In addition to participating as a contestant for Mr. Boston Bear, he has been an active member in organizing and producing the contest for the past 4 years.  

Jonathan Chu, Treasurer

Jonathan serves not only as MBC’s Treasurer, but also as treasurer for one of our community partner organizations, The Boston History Project. He has a BA in economics from Amherst College and an MBA and MSF from Boston College.  He has been instrumental in establishing financial related policies and procedures for MBC, and is one of the three founding incorporators

Peter Kim, Board Member

Peter has been an active member of the greater LGBTQ+ community for many years, starting in college.  He has been involved with the Bear Community since the days of Mass Bearz and was previously a member of Entre Nous, a now inactive leather group. Peter’s past experience with non-profit organizations has been informative for the MBC Board, providing insights on membership, fund raising, and other administrative proposals.

Jay Saulnier, Board Member

Jay started serving on the Board of MBC in November, 2018, pre-incorporation, and joined the MBC Corporate Board at its inception in November, 2019.

Jay is a previous competition participant and served as Mr. Boston Cub 2019. As a result of being a contestant in the title competition, and then representing MBC while title holder, Jay has had extensive interactions with members of the Bear Community and brings that experience and community understanding to the Board.

Lex Brown, Board Member

Lex, one of our of newest members, brings a unique energy to our Board. His first introduction into the Bear Community was when he went to Bear Week for the first time five years ago.  He says that, for the first time in years, he felt accepted and wanted, and safe, as a result of that experience. Lex joined Mass Bears and Cubs because he wants to give back to the community that helped him gain the confidence to be himself, helping others to feel better about themselves and accepted for who they are.  Basically, he feels that serving on the Board is a way to pay it forward for the Bear Community, which helped him along his personal journey